[ARTICLE] Pre & Probiotics

STORY TIME: We just celebrated one of our holidays, Eid and my brother in law and his wife got us an awesome goodie basket as a gift. In their search of what to put in it, they asked my brother what kinds of snacks/drinks I like and my brother said kefir milk! I found this […]

[ARTICLE] Cutting Board Food Safety

Cutting boards are a kitchen essential, whether you cook on the regular or just occasionally need to slice veggies – you need a cutting board. They are also a feeding ground for bacteria and cross contamination so you have to be extra careful with how you clean and treat them. Check out this article by […]

[ARTICLE] Nutrition Considerations in the Elderly

Hey guys – have you ever thought about how the body changes as you get older? Well, no need to question any longer. I dive into this topic and nutrition considerations in the elderly in my blog post for the fab Share Cook Eat. Head on over to her blog and read all about it! […]

[ARTICLE] Be Kinder to Yourself

Love love love this article! Be kind to yourself. Self care and compassion are the way to go and the path to health. “If you think you need to channel your inner drill sergeant to eat your vegetables and get to the gym, think again. Research shows that a healthy dose of self-compassion actually helps […]

[GUIDE] Food Composting

It’s National Nutrition Month 2018 and this year’s theme is “Go Further with Food”. This means different things to do different people and that’s awesome. To me personally, it is multifaceted in the sense of how my food helps me go further and also how I can help my food go further from an environmental […]

Smart Goals

Poem called Triggers

Did you know that less than 10% of individuals actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions? A lot of you might be nodding your head as we are two weeks into the New Year and many of us have already stepped away from our resolutions. I am not a fan of setting resolutions only for […]

Flavoring Water

A bunch of grapes in water.

Have you seen the Water & Hydration 101 Webinar? If not – go go go! Part 1 & Part 2. Ok, now that you’ve seen the webinar – check out these awesome recipes for infusing water with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I’ve put the pineapple-mint-ginger and the watermelon-mint ones on my list, mint sounds […]

Latest Diet Craze – CICO

Hello all, Have you guys heard of the latest diet craze? Are you on board? I sincerely hope not. The newest in the world of diet fads is a very simplistic approach called Calories In, Calories Out. In theory and potentially application – this will lead to weight loss. It’s the oldest trick in the book […]

FAQ: Added Sugars and What to Look For

Sugar packets

Authority Nutrition (which recently merged with HealthLine) is one of my go-to websites! They provide evidenced-based articles on a lot of the hot topics in the nutrition realm like different fad diets, ingredients, health concerns, etc. I wanted to read up on the different sugars found in foods and just had to share some of […]

Using Food to Maintain Energy Levels

These are some great tips for maintaining energy levels throughout the day! 1- Small, frequent meals 2- Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues 3- Balanced plates 4- Snack! 5- Skip soda, sugary coffee, or energy drinks as an energy source because they come with a crash Check out the article for more details […]