Navigating health as Muslims can be frustrating but A Muslim Dietitian makes it easy & accessible.

Can Dua Help?

As A Muslim Dietitian my goal is to help you on your health journey. We do this through the Eat to Worship Membership, interactive webinars, and a plethora of resources!

Our Webinar Experience

Dua RDN brings you live webinars all the time. We talk about faith & food, health & halal, and just straight nutrition. Each webinar ends with the chance to get your questions answered by a professional.

Eat to Worship COMMUNITY

Eat to Worship is a community of people who are committed to their health both spiritually and physically. We work together to develop better habits with a healthy dose of friendly competition. Members are able to check in with a Registered Dietitian (me!) for accountability and trusted guidance to say on track.

Learn with dua

Join a live webinar to learn with Dua. A new webinar is released every few weeks and you can either join live or catch the replay. Topics covered include a wide variety of nutrition topics as well as a focus on the Prophetic teachings regarding food and health. 


Nutrition information is like a sea with both friendly fish and predators. At times, you do not know which you can trust. Dua has compiled a list of resources that can help you reach your spiritual and nutrition goals.

The book Muhammad His Character and Beauty on a kitchen countertop

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