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Assalamualaikum w rahmatullahi w barakatu,

Eat to Worship is a community of women who are committed to their health both spiritually and physically. We work together to develop better habits with a healthy dose of friendly competition. Members are able to check in with a Registered Dietitian (me!) for accountability and trusted guidance to say on track.

Registration is open on the 20th-25th of every month.

Eat to worship is for you, if You:

  • Want to make health changes that last for life
  • Are a Muslim woman that wants to work on her health but needs a little help
  • Value Quranic and Prophetic guidance relating to health and nutrition
  • Enjoy learning with others and like having a an intimate community of support
  • Like having easy access to a dietitian


  • Women in every stage of life (moms of young children, working women, moms of older children, retired women)

Eat to Worship Members will:

  • Become more Prophetic(s) eaters by incorporating mindful eating
  • Gain the skills needed to achieve their health goals
  • Be held accountable via monthly challenges

What do members get?

  • Webinars created exclusively for Eat to Worship Members (live and recorded)
  • Private access to Eat to Worship member portal (coming soon)
  • A monthly goal with accountability checks
  • Regular recipe challenges
  • A new graphic to display monthly
    • First time members receive a magnet frame upon subscribing

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