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Assalamualaikum w rahmatullahi w barakatu,

Every month we will grow together via a new theme and goal. In March and April, we will maximize our health to optimize our Ramadan! Themes will flow around mindfulness and presence. We will connect with Allah (swt) through our food choices and how we fill (and don’t fill) our stomachs. 

Registration is open on the 20th-25th of every month.

Dua holding metal wall art decoration

Eat to Worship Members will:

  • Become more Prophetic(s) eaters by incorporating mindful eating
  • Gain the skills needed to achieve their health goals
  • Be held accountable via monthly challenges

What do members get?

  • Webinars created exclusively for Eat to Worship Members (live and recorded)
  • A monthly goal with accountability checks
  • Regular recipe challenges
  • A new graphic to display monthly
    • First time members receive a magnet frame upon subscribing
  • Discounts for paid webinars

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