Food as Medicine

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“”We really want to link food and medicine, and not just give away food,” says Dr. Rita Nguyen, the hospital’s medical director of Healthy Food Initiatives. “We want people to understand what they’re eating, how to prepare it, the role food plays in their lives.” (Article and photo source on NPR: The idea of food […]

Food Group FAQ – Protein

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The last food group is the protein group. This group is another large group that red meats, poultry products, eggs, legumes (beans, lentils), and other protein sources like nuts, seeds, and tofu and other soy based products. Now, on to some commonly asked questions. What is a protein? A protein is a food that is […]

Recipe: Lemon Pepper Tilapia with Spaghetti & Spinach

A white plate on a blue counter top with spinach, spaghetti, and tilapia.

Hello all, I have been making this recipe for years and absolutely love it. It’s a three step recipe and each layer is made separately but they come together in a magical way. There’s something special about eating fresh spinach that’s been heated just a tad by the spaghetti. I wish I could take credit […]

Butter’s Story

Slab of butter with butter knife cutting through it

“Butter’s story is a very American story, because the arc of its vilification and subsequent redemption is a parable for how we get food wrong time and again. We alternately demonize and idealize individual ingredients — not just butter but also sugar, caffeine, red wine and supposed miracle foods featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” […]

Vegetarian Proteins

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Hello all, My husband and I try to eat two vegetarian dinners a week (we try!) and I’m always on the lookout for different recipes and ideas. I only have a few recipes that I cycle through for these dinners including a couple of Mexican recipes using beans, and Arab or Pakistani lentils with rice. […]

Food Group FAQ – Dairy Products

Two clear cups of fruit and yogurt parfaits topped with granola.

Dairy products tend to be all or nothing for many people. Either they love milk, yogurt, and cheese or you forget about them and eat very little of them. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Dairy products come in many shapes and sizes and everybody can find something that works for them. Now, […]

Food Group FAQ – Vegetables

White bowl with slices bell peppers and bell pepper out of focus in background.

The vegetable group is probably the most underutilized group out there! It is likely the most versatile of groups as there are so many different vegetables as well as endless ways to prepare them. And with countless possibilities, there come questions: Are all vegetables the same? No, not all vegetables are created equal. Vegetables are […]

AND Press Release – American Health Care Act

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has just released a press release regarding the American Health Care Act. This act was proposed to congress as an ObamaCare replacement. The AARP along with many other organizations within the field have already expressed their opposition and the AND is joining their ranks. What do you think […]

My Recipes

Red cutting board with cut up vegetables and a knife cutting olives

Hello all, I love cooking and I love helping others learn to love or at the very least not hate cooking. Cooking is a chore for many people, especially those who live alone. I’ve heard a variety of reasons including it’s not worth the effort to cook just for one person, it’s too much of […]

Food Group FAQ – Fruits

Display of many different fruits and fruit juices

The latest guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture regarding fruits is 2 servings a day. This may require some preparation and thinking ahead but it’s not as hard as it seems. What counts as a fruit? Fresh whole fruits, frozen fruits, canned fruits, 100% fruit juices, and dried fruits Are frozen fruits and canned […]