Butter’s Story

“Butter’s story is a very American story, because the arc of its vilification and subsequent redemption is a parable for how we get food wrong time and again. We alternately demonize and idealize individual ingredients — not just butter but also sugar, caffeine, red wine and supposed miracle foods featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” — and in doing so, we miss the big picture.”

(Article Source: “Our messed-up relationship with food has a long history. It started with butter.“)

The author brings in such an important note regarding the fluidity of food research in the US. Science in any field is ever-changing and the nutrition field is just like every other one. It can be difficult to navigate through but with the help of a food expert, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, it’s not too bad! If food choices confuse you, book an appointment with us today

Also – the article is an interesting read if anyone wants to know more about butter than they thought possible.


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Dua genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She likes to focus on eating in moderation and listening to your body but this, of course, will be different from person to person and body to body.



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