Food Group FAQ – Vegetables

The vegetable group is probably the most underutilized group out there! It is likely the most versatile of groups as there are so many different vegetables as well as endless ways to prepare them. And with countless possibilities, there come questions:

Are all vegetables the same?
No, not all vegetables are created equal. Vegetables are generally classified by their nutrients. The US Department of Agriculture and have divided vegetables into 5 groups: dark green vegetables (kale, spinach, lettuce [except for iceberg]), starchy vegetables (corn, potatoes), red and orange vegetables (bell peppers, carrots), beans and peas, and other vegetables (tomatoes, onions, squash).

How do I include enough vegetables daily?
The current vegetable recommendation is 2.5 servings a day and the easiest way to meet that is to make half your plate vegetables for most meals. Another tip is to try to “eat the rainbow” by including different colors of vegetables regularly.

I hate vegetables, what do I do?
You experiment! The vegetable group is so big that it is quite impossible to hate them all, you just haven’t found the right ones yet. Try different vegetables cooked in different ways or even raw. Try them whole, sliced, diced, or even mashed; hot or cold.

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