[POETRY] 4/26 Untitled Haiku

4/26 Write a haiku about your favorite childhood food. Untitled Haiku Rice and just ketchup Oh yeah, always hits the spot Weird combo, I know

[POETRY] 4/25 Drive Through Dinner

4/25 Write a poem about delicious smells. You’re driving through town with your windows down, and you pass that intersection where you can smell something delicious from a restaurant. Drive Through Dinner Fresh coffee seeps through your window Soft bread and butter starts to fill the air A grill is heating up somewhere near Lunch […]

[POETRY] 4/24 Summer Perfection

4/24 Write a poem about a big bowl of chilled, fresh summer fruit in the fridge. It’s colorful, juicy, and sweet. Summer Perfection Summer skies Butterflies Watermelon balls Strawberry bowls Melon and mangoes Perfection

[POETRY] 4/18 School Kids

4/18 Write a poem about a cafeteria. Create a poem inspired by the people who might be eating lunch in a cafeteria at school or at a hospital. School Kids. In front of me is a group of children Each kid, relatively happy But to each kid – every bite of food means something different […]

[POETRY] 4/15 Pure Michigan

4/15 Write a poem about cold water. What feelings do you associate with cold water? Maybe it’s a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot day, or maybe you imagine the feelings associated with being plunged into the icy river in the winter. Pure Michigan Grandiose splendid Crystal clear Beautiful blue hues Lakes upon […]

[POETRY] 4/14 Nice Cookie

4/14 Write a poem about a piece of partially eaten food giving you crazy instructions with a sinister intent. Nice Cookie “Over here” you feel a whisper You turn around And watch the cookie crumble The pieces dance around Speaking to you Without actually making a sound You pick up the pieces And pop them […]

[POETRY] 4/13 Warmth

4/13 Write a poem about Grandma’s Kitchen. Focus on a single memory, or describe what you might imagine the typical grandmother’s kitchen to be like. Warmth Warm cinnamon and vanilla Aromas fill the air While our stomachs wait all bare

[POETRY] 4/12 Missing Salt

4/12 Write a Haiku about a meal gone wrong (whether you cooked it or someone else prepared it for you). Missing Salt I tried hard for you A beautiful spread for two But, I forgot salt

[POETRY] 4/11 Basic Ice Cream

4/11 Write a poem about: ice cream. Ice-cream: chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? Soft serve or hard ice cream? Describe your ice cream choices in vivid detail. Basic Ice Cream Ima basic ice cream kinda girl Plain hard chocolate is my choice But if I’m up for a change then a soft serve twirl Nothing is […]

[POETRY] 4/10 Untitled

4/10 Imagine and write a poem about: What if the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” became real? Untitled Oh it’s raining carrots and hummus, Last week it was apples and whole grains What’s next yogurt and blueberries? Cheddar cheese and pumpkin seeds? Almonds, nuts, and cacao nibs? What’s up with all these balanced snacks? […]