[RECIPE] Tuna Salad Power Bowl

I shared my tuna salad recipe last week and this week I’m dressing it up a bit. Now you can make tuna salad and eat it straight from the bowl (it’s so good, I don’t blame you) but usually we like to dress it up. My favorite ways to dress up a tuna salad are (1) on toast, (2) in a sandwich, (3) on crackers with a side of apples, and (4) in a salad or power bowl.

So this wonderful Sunday Funday I have a tuna salad power bowl recipe for you. A power bowl is like a salad on steroids because it also includes a form of grains and therefore tends to be more filling for a longer time.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, it makes two servings.


  • One can tuna salad, recipe here
  • 1 cup cooked grain, you can use anything like rice, couscous, quinoa, bulgar wheat, wheat berries
  • 3 cups finely diced salad veggies (can just be lettuce but I recommend 3 or 4 veggies)
  • Dressing of your choose


  1. Assemble power bowl as desired, I recommend 1.5 cups veggies topped with a 1/2 cup of grain and followed by the tuna salad with a dressing drizzle on top
  2. Sahtain! Enjoy.

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