Tips for an RD2be!

I met with a University of Illinois dietetics student earlier this week to discuss what I do with my clients and also to share a bit of my experience in the whole dietetic internship process!

We spent about a half hour discussing numerous topics but the primary thing I wanted to share with you guys were some of the tips I shared with him. His last question to me was, what advice do you have for someone applying for their dietetic internship?

Here’s my response


It’s been a few years (wow 2010!) since my internship experience but I’m pretty sure this will still apply:

  • Choose the individuals that write your reference letters very carefully and wisely. Try to choose individuals that can each share a unique aspect about you. For example, someone that can share how you are as a student, another person that can share your work ethic as an employee, and someone that can share your passion for nutrition. Also, consider individuals that know you personally. Choose someone that may have a lower position that knows you well rather than a person in a higher position that would write a more generic letter about you.
  • Request your letters early! And set solid deadlines for them.
  • Write your personal statement ahead of time and rewrite it a few times. Share it with someone that has writing experience like a friend that’s a PhD student (that’s what I did, it made a huge difference!).

I wish everyone well with your applications! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


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