Snacks, friends.

Snacks friends, snacks! Snacks are a great way to honor your hunger. We often make the mistake of ignoring hunger cues because we are worried we will eat too much if we eat now. ⠀

What if I told you, ignoring those hunger cues may very well be the reason you overeat! ?⠀

It’s true. Our body starts sending hunger cues when it’s running low on fuel (in the form of stored sugar in the liver). When we don’t respond to those cues by eating, the body thinks we don’t have access to food. It gets worried. Now when this happens every once in a while, there’s no real issue except that we tend to overeat when we do eat. It takes a lot longer for us to feel satiated and full. Think of a time you came home after a long day of work and very little food, what happened? You probably ate everything in sight. How did I know? Because that’s a natural response to hunger. ⠀

But what happens when we chronically ignore our hunger cues? The body panics. The way the body reads the situation is that we do not have access to food regularly. It can respond in a number ways including using energy more efficiently or redirecting energy to more important functions in the body.⠀

It sounds scary but in reality it’s a protective mechanism. We haven’t always been this blessed with access to so much food for mankind in general (food insecurity is, of course, a very real thing still). When food is scarce this is a great response but when we are trying to manipulate our bodies and food is available it often backfires leading to episodes of overeating. ⠀

This is where snacks can be your friend. Whether you use fancy schmancy snack bars like these super cute ones that Kind sent me (and lots of RDNs) or food you have on you. It’s important to honor your hunger and respect that your body is telling you something. ⠀

If you’re having difficulty tuning into your hunger or responding to it, then I have the guide for you! My Mindful Eating Guide is all about elevating the eating experience by reconnecting with your body. In it you will find a hunger scale that can help you find your hunger cues. And it’s FREE just hit this link: Mindful Eating Guide.

With warmth,

Dua Aldasouqi, MA, RDN

Certified Health Coach

PS. Have you experienced the “I’m so hungry I could eat a whole zebra” feeling lately? Tell me about it! Bonus points for knowing the movie reference.


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Dua genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She likes to focus on eating in moderation and listening to your body but this, of course, will be different from person to person and body to body.



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