Nutrition Tip – Add Lots of Veggies

There are two topics that I find myself often discussing with my clients early on during our sessions and this is one of them! ⠀

One of the simplest shift many of us can make when it comes to eating a more balanced diet is to just up the veggie intake a bit! The recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines is 2.5 servings of veggies a day. ⠀

A serving is two cups of raw leafy vegetables, one cup of cooked raw leafy vegetables, or one cup of most other vegetables. Check out some tips below on how to meet these recs with ease:

  1. Half your plate veggies – this one makes eating more vegetables a no brainer. ⠀
  2. Add more veggies to your dishes – if it’s a pasta dish add in some peppers, spinach, and/or onions. If it’s rice try a frozen mixed veggie blend (carrots/peas/green beans/corn). If it’s a pizza try adding more veggies to it. If it’s a sandwich load up on the lettuce, onions, and/or other leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados! The works. ⠀
  3. Have a salad before or with your entree (or even as your entree). If you have pre cut green leafy vegetables on hand this becomes even easier.
  4. Use frozen veggie and microwave steam them for an easy veggie ready in minutes (with minimal effort). ⠀
  5. Use veggies in your snacks! Try hummus and celery, cheese and cucumber, a hard boiled egg and peppers. ⠀

What do you guys think? Can you add a few more veggies into your week? Tell me how you get your veggies in! ⤵️⠀

– Dua Aldasouqi, MA, RDN, Certified Health Coach


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Dua genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She likes to focus on eating in moderation and listening to your body but this, of course, will be different from person to person and body to body.



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