How to stop eating junk food after a stressful day at work

We don’t often realize it but the stress that our body goes through can greatly affect our eating habits. Some of us are “stress eaters”, while others leave food entirely due to stress. When we’re busier we may forget to eat or end up eating whatever we find in front of us. A new study out of Michigan State University (woot! woot! go green!) found that something as simple as actually getting a good night’s sleep can counteract our desire to use food as comfort after a stressful day.

Check out the actual study on the NIH website here: “Eating Your Feelings? Testing a Model of Employees’ Work-Related Stressors, Sleep Quality, and Unhealthy Eating.”

Or if you’d like the summarized version, check out this New York Post article: How to stop eating junk food after a stressful day at work

Now, if only getting a full night’s sleep was as simple as that, amirite?


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