Feed Yourself – Basic Recipes – Fish Fillets

The Feed Yourself series is dedicated to individuals that cook just for their selves. This goes out to everyone that finds them self wanting to cook but dreading the time, effort, and all the clean up needed to just cook for one. It can honestly be a quick, easy, and enjoyable process!

Fish fillets are just as versatile as chicken breast and can be used in a number of recipes. Tilapia and salmon are good and accessible options.

To prepare the fish:
– Lightly rinse fish in cold water (may cook tilapia fillets frozen as fillets are small, but salmon/other fish may need to be thawed if thicket) and season (refer to Feed Yourself – Seasoning Mixes post).

And, cook:

– Grilled or baked: fish can be cooked on a grill or baked similarly to chicken, but cook time is shorter: 5-7 minutes on the grill; ~12 minutes in the oven (if pre-heated to 350F and fish is thawed)

– Pan Seared: take a fry pan that can fit your whole fillet, add a teaspoon of oil and heat on high until hot (roughly a minute). Add whole fillet, cook for 3 minutes for tilapia or 4 minutes for salmon (or thicker fillets). Then flip and cook for another 3 to 4 minutes.

Fish is cooked when it is opaque and flakes off easily with a fork. Sahtain!

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