[RECIPE] Carrot Bread

A loaf of carrot cake topped with yogurt frosting.

Hello friends, I know I’ve been quite MIA but family commitments have kept me busy. That being said, I’m still seeing clients so let me know if you’re interested in taking charge of your nutrition! And, I love blogging and sharing with you all so whenever I get the chance to do so, I will! […]

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Farm & Oven Bakery Bites

Pink box on a wooden cutting board that says "Farm and Oven"

Hello friends, Have you tried Farm & Oven Bakery Bites? Tell me what you think of them. I kept seeing them on my Instagram so I requested a sample and they very kindly obliged. I am not under any obligation to write this review or share my thoughts. They are veggie based baked goods and […]

[RECIPE] Fruit Crisp

Strawberries, blueberries, and apples mixed together in a glass bowl

Hello all, I’ve learned to make a new dessert and it hits the spot so often. I’ve made it multiple times for different people and everyone loves it too. I love fruit based desserts because they’re naturally sweet, are more nutrient dense than you’re average dessert, and a good source of fiber. Add in some […]

Nutrition Tip – Add Lots of Veggies

There are two topics that I find myself often discussing with my clients early on during our sessions and this is one of them! ⠀ ⠀ One of the simplest shift many of us can make when it comes to eating a more balanced diet is to just up the veggie intake a bit! The […]

[RECIPE] Halloumi Cheese Salad

Halloumi cheese is a trendy food in the US nowadays but having Arab riots we ate it a lot growing up. It is a delicious semi-soft cheese that is a tad wee bit salty and can be grilled and deep or pan fried for an awesome side, in a sandwich, or on a salad. ⠀ […]

[GUEST BLOGGER] Sweet, Sweet Summer

3 strawberries and a bunch of blueberries on a light wooden cutting board.

Spring has sprung which means those sunny, warm summer days are right around the corner. Throughout the country farmers markets are starting to pop up in the same areas where not too long ago white powdered snow once laid. Excitement fills the air along with the sweet, earthy smells of blossoming flowers and budding greenery. […]

[RECIPE] Easy Chili

Spring has yet to come here in Champaign, IL so we made chili the other day! This was the best chili I’ve ever made, yay! It was delicious and packed a bit of a punch too. It was also super easy and vegetarian! So yes, I am super excited to share it with you! This […]