[RECIPE] Tiny Arab Salad

It’s Sunday Funday and I’ve got a great new recipe for you all! This salad is a very flavorful salad and the cool thing is that all the veggies are where the flavor comes in. The veggies are usually crisp veggies and they are finely diced so you get a mixture of flavors and a […]

[RECIPE] Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

I love trying new and different recipes like this one here: Lasagna Stuffed Peppers. This recipe removes the lasagna noodles and replaces them with pepper boats. It’s obviously not really lasagna but I loved it because I could use homemade (from scratch) garlic bread as my starch. And homemade bread is the best (that recipe […]

[RECIPE] Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

banana bread on a rectangle plate

Hey guys, Banana bread brings back (check out that alliteration!) a lot of memories from the year I spent in Dallas (2014-15). I was studying and we made a ton of banana bread. We were all students living on pretty limited budgets so we didn’t always have all the necessary ingredients. I’m pretty sure we’ve […]

RECIPE: Mashed Potatoes with Green Onions

Diced potatoes on a cutting board

Mashed potato story time! When I lived at home we used to make mashed potatoes from the box. It wasn’t a regular part of our cuisine and when we did want to add it in that was all we knew. Well, once I was at a work meeting with my boss and our volunteers, and […]

RECIPE: Mexican Alfredo (shrimp, chicken, or vegetarian)

Hello all, I was introduced to Mexican Alfredo a few years ago and I keep making it. I will go a few months forgetting about it and then when I make it I wonder how I could have forgotten about it in the first place! It’s an Italian Alfredo dish with a Mexican twist. Pure […]

Flavoring Water

A bunch of grapes in water.

Have you seen the Water & Hydration 101 Webinar? If not – go go go! Part 1 & Part 2. Ok, now that you’ve seen the webinar – check out these awesome recipes for infusing water with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I’ve put the pineapple-mint-ginger and the watermelon-mint ones on my list, mint sounds […]

RECIPE: Roasted Lamb

Roasted Lamb fam! YES. As an Arab lamb is an integral part of our diet, more than the other red meats. We still use beef but lamb is definitely higher up on the totem pole. Lamb can be prepared many ways but a roasted lamb is your fail safe approach to lamb. A lamb can […]

RECIPE: Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to grab sushi at Ko Fusion in downtown Champaign. We ordered a couple of rolls and an udon bowl with vegetables and shrimp. It was a hit and my husband was like why don’t we try making something like that at home? So I was like, […]

Feed Yourself – Basic Recipes: Veggies II

Sliced squash seasoned prepped to grill.

The Feed Yourself series is dedicated to individuals that cook just for their selves. This goes out to everyone that finds them self wanting to cook but dreading the time, effort, and all the clean up needed to just cook for one. It can honestly be a quick, easy, and enjoyable process!   The prior Feed […]

RECIPE: Rice with Veggies

Hello all, It’s Sunday and I’ve got a new recipe for you all. Rice is a side dish to a ton of recipes but white rice is incredibly starchy. Brown rice is disliked by most of the people I know (myself included) so I usually don’t tell people to try switching to it but one […]