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We buy Palestinian on the 6th of June thru Dec! Jokes jokes. June 6 – June 12 is Palestine Economic Week, it’s the time to support Palestinian owned businesses. Buy from them and advertise for them. Support in everyway you can.

We’ve heard a lot about boycotting Israeli products and companies that support the occupation. Let’s flip the script and put some money into Palestine, and get some awesome products as well. I’ve got my eye on some keffiyehs, masks, olive oil, soaps, thobes, table mats… ok ok, I might have to close my eyes a bit!

Below is list of Palestinian owned businesses on the ground in Palestine or a business that directly supports individuals on the ground. I hope you find something you like and make a purchase or 3.

Make sure you support Palestinian owned businesses!

Clothing & Accessories

Face & Body

Home Décor

Kitchen & Food

Books & More

Support Palestinian Owned Businesses in the US/Canada

This list is not exhaustive nor comprehensive, friends! So, if you have another business you’d like to add to the list, please just comment below and I can add it, inshAllah! Please share this far and wide and support these businesses during Palestine Economic Week and moving forward as well.

And of course, do not forget to boycott as well!


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19 Responses

  1. Where are these businesses? Is there anything available in Dubai UAE?

    1. The primary list has businesses that are located in Palestine or use products directly from Palestine. There are a few specific companies that are owned by Palestinians in America.

  2. Palestinian have suffered for decades it is our duty to help thier businesses .hopefully Arab countries and people should do their best for supporting. thèn

  3. Palestinian have suffered for decades so it’s the duty to support them in so many ways

  4. Our slogans should be to take this issue to not for for the Arab world 🙄 it should be for worldwide to participate for this target

  5. How quickly they forgot their plight around world war 2 and now persecution of 6 millions Palestinians for past 73 years has no end in sight.

  6. Humanity why do you forget a *WORD* which brings peace, happiness, tranquility across the planet 🌍 and to our much needed *WORLD*, called *JUSTICE*

    I feel sad and teary when I remember the plight of Jews around 2nd world war by the hand of the Hitler and for all the humanity (20 millions souls) which were perished on the name of race, religion, ego and might.

    I feel heartbroken 💔 when I see countless children are dying across the Palestine 🇵🇸 and persecution has no end in sight and no boundaries for the 6 millions Palestinians and going on for the past 80 years.

  7. It’s morale obligation for every person of consciousness to support Palestenian business and their products. This I the first step to educate and inform the people about Palestenian businesses and their products and services. Informing individual contacts and group contacts will help this cause!

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to update it regularly so please let me know if you find any others!

    1. There are so many beautiful products my friend! Please visit their respective websites to find them.

    1. Unfortunately, I am not sure. I do know there’s a restaurant called Jerusalem Bakery with branches in Marietta, Alpharetta, and Roswell and I assume it is Palestinian owned but I cannot confirm this.

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