Savory Oatmeal

When we think of oatmeal we often think of a warm bowl full of sweetened oats and topped with goodies like nuts, fruits, raisins, brown sugar, and other sweet options. We don’t often think of avocado and eggs. But, the scene is shifting a bit! Recently, I was introduced to the idea of savory oatmeal. I wasn’t sure of how I felt about it but decided to give it a try.

It felt very similar to having grits. The recipe I used included toasted pine nuts seasoned with garlic powder, crushed red pepper, and salt. The oatmeal was cooked with water and an egg was mixed into it towards the end. I liked oatmeal for a savory breakfast, the egg mixed into the oatmeal really made the oatmeal feel super creamy which I absolutely loved.

The main drawback was the fact that the oatmeal still tasted pretty bland. I had to add salt to it and even mixed with the seasoned pine nuts it was still pretty flat. Overall, I definitely liked it and would it try it again.

I tested this recipe out: Savory Oatmeal with Pine Nuts, Avocado, and Egg.

The pros of savory oatmeal are that it’s a super filling breakfast and you can easily incorporate veggies into it. I added avocados but I could see adding spinach as a great idea. I like the idea of not starting out with something super sweet early in the am.

The cons, of this recipe specifically, was that it was not flavorful enough. The toasted pine nuts are great but you definitely need to add seasoning into the oatmeal as it’s cooking. I would recommend toasting the pine nuts in a little olive oil and setting aside. I would add the seasonings into the water (plus a pinch of salt) as you’re cooking the oatmeal.

I’ll be sharing my tweaked recipe in a few weeks so stay tuned for that! How do you feel about this new trend? Are you in or is it something you wish would fade out?


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