Can I eat carbs? [WEBINAR] Carbohydrate: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy.

Can I eat carbs?

You’ve probably heard the low-carb hype, you’ve probably gone low-carb yourself, you certainly know someone that has but is it based on science or on anything really? Should you go low-carb? Do carbs help me? Are carbs bad? Are there different kinds of carbs? Can I eat carbs? No worries friends, I know it’s confusing!

That’s why our webinar of the month is called “Carbohydrate: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy”.

What you will learn:

In this hour long webinar we will dive into all things carbohydrates to help you answer the question: can I eat carbs?

You will learn how to navigate:

  • Simple sugars, starches, and fiber
  • Whole grains vs processed grains
  • Prebiotics and what they do
  • Low-carb diets and their pros/cons
  • General carb tips

This is a live webinar with me, Dua Aldasouqi, MA, RDN aka A Muslim Dietitian. We will also talk cultural relevance – roti vs naan, does it make a difference? Is toast bread better than pita bread? How about basmati vs jasmine rice?

If you’ve got carb questions – I’ve got carb answers! Join me live on Tuesday 7/27 at 7:30 pm CST for Carbohydrate: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy?

How to register:

It’s super simple! Just click the button below and register directly. It’s $24 to register and you will have access to the replay within 24-48 hours and the ability to ask all of your carb questions. I know you have them which is why I chose this topic.

See you there friends!


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About me

Dua genuinely believes that our relationship with food should not be complicated. She likes to focus on eating in moderation and listening to your body but this, of course, will be different from person to person and body to body.



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